Senior Software Engineer


  • Translate UI design into HTML codes
  • Maintain and apply smooth design for existing projects.
  • Guarantee the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.
  • Actively participate in design and code review.
  • Create reusable code libraries and test server code for speed optimization regularly.
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.


  • Proficient in JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3.
  • Excellent in operating GIT.
  • Familiar with integrating HTML to PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Yii, or Codeigniter.
  • Knowing and having experience with RESTful API.
  • Experience with CSS Pre-processor such as SASS or LESS.
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks such as Vue JS.
  • Have a great understanding of cross-browser compatibility problems and how to solve them.
  • Familiar with SEO principles and know how to help them from the tech side.
  • A goal-oriented individual with the ability to multitask efficiently and pay close attention to details.

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