Bagaimana Kini bisa membantu

Perusahaan & Karyawan

Meningkatkan kinerja dan loyalitas karyawan dengan cepat, mudah dan gratis

Platform HRIS & Payroll

Menciptakan sumber pendapatan baru untuk perusahaan dengan 1 API

Perusahaan Outsourcing

Menambah keunggulan bersaing dengan dukungan teknologi terbaru


Salary Disbursment

Kini helps provide earned wage access to its employees to ease financial burden but not only that Kini can help your organisation also disburse the remaining salary easily and efficiently. For regular payroll disbursements Kini provides a facility that allows you to upload a simple excel document and disburse salaries. Kini provides the 4 eyes maker/check approval process and allows you to disburse instantly and efficiently to all 200+ banks in Indonesia with full reporting and reconciliation documents easily generated and downloaded. Since Kini is integrated to multiple banks and BI approved license partners, Kini can provide reliable disbursement services and great transaction rates to any organisation. 

  • salary1@2x

    Makers can upload the payment excel document through the Kini employer portal. Makers will set the time and date and save for approval

  • salary2@2x

    Approvers will view the uploaded data and confirm everything is correct. Once checked and approved through the secure 4 eyes process the disbursement will run as scheduled