Bagaimana Kini bisa membantu

Perusahaan & Karyawan

Meningkatkan kinerja dan loyalitas karyawan dengan cepat, mudah dan gratis

Platform HRIS & Payroll

Menciptakan sumber pendapatan baru untuk perusahaan dengan 1 API

Perusahaan Outsourcing

Menambah keunggulan bersaing dengan dukungan teknologi terbaru


Manage Expenses

Managing expenses for your business is hard. There are receipts to collect verify and check, why do this post transaction which can cause disputes ? Kini provides the capability to create different expense balances for the employee so that budgets can be easily managed from the outset. If there are increases in budget required they can be request and approved so no excess expenditure occurs. Kini's expense management system can be attached to physical cards and also QRIS so that on field transactions can be easily tracked and managed through the employer portal. Reports are easily generated  for simply reconciliation and verification for each and every employee.

  • expens1

    select specific employees and assign their approved budget expenses into different expense wallets such as transport, communications and entertainment

  • expens-2

    assign , reduce and modify balances per employee as required. All updates are tracked through a clear immutable audit log