Bagaimana Kini bisa membantu

Perusahaan & Karyawan

Meningkatkan kinerja dan loyalitas karyawan dengan cepat, mudah dan gratis

Platform HRIS & Payroll

Menciptakan sumber pendapatan baru untuk perusahaan dengan 1 API

Perusahaan Outsourcing

Menambah keunggulan bersaing dengan dukungan teknologi terbaru


Instant Cashout

There are times when emergencies happen and the need for immediate cash through the earned wage access facility is required. Kini provides the ability to transfer earned wages to any bank account nationwide in seconds whether its early in the morning or late at night. Kini is always there to help and employs the most advance processes to ensure that employee funds are reliably transferred through multiple redundant BI licensed partners. This ensure failures anywhere don't affect our users need for immediate cash.

select the amount you want to withdraw from our preselection options

If the option is not there select from the selector amount

select the bank account, you want to withdraw to , input your pin and your cash is in your account in seconds